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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Stanley, SylvesterCanada9F 15 MI Inf.Hesperiaview record
Stark, M.Michigan9I 21 MIHesperiaview record
Stark, MyronNew York9I 21 MIHesperiaview record
Starks, M.Michigan9I 21 MIHesperiaview record
Stebbins, H. E.9view record
Stebbins, HenryNew York9D 1 MO Art.Hesperiaview record
Tennant, William F.Tioga, NY9I 157 NYDaytonview record
Thorp, HarrisonOhio9D 68 OHGreenwoodview record
Townsend, GilesNew York9A 6 MI Cav.Newfieldview record
Vanhorn, JohnPennsylvania9B 35 INDenverview record
Vickers, JohnTenn.9H 5 TN Cav.Hesperiaview record
Walton, Jas.Berry9G 25 MIHesperiaview record
Warren, Chas.Michigan9A 3 MI Inf.Denverview record
Waterman, Henry E.New York9I 186 NYHesperiaview record
Webster, Wm.New York9Ironclad CatskillHesperiaview record
Wells, Richard B.Castleton, VT9M 10 NY Arty.Leivettview record
Wilber, C.New York9E 72 NYDenverview record
Wilber, S. K.New York9H 112 NY Inf.Hesperiaview record
Wilcox, CharlesNew York9A 186 NYHesperiaview record
Winter, L. J.Messopotamia, OH98 MI Inf.Hesperiaview record
Winter, T.Ohio9F 15 MI Inf.Twp of Newfieldview record
Winters, Wm.New York9H 96 NY Inf.Hesperiaview record
Wright, Willis W.Michigan9G 18 MI Inf.Hesperiaview record
Wyman, John R.New York9C 2 MI Cav.Hesperiaview record
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