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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Fox, Joseph S.Warren Co., NY67H 1 MI LancersBay Cityview record
Fredrick, AlbertGermany67H US Inf.Bay Cityview record
Freeland, AlonzoCanada67B 2 MI Inf.Bay Cityview record
Freibe, JohnRusia67A 2 DE Inf.Bay Cityview record
Fuller, Chas. H.Mass.67A 16 US Inf.Bay Cityview record
Gage, Ellis H.New York67B 1 MI Inf.West Bay Cityview record
Gallinaw, Wm.Montreal67I 16 MI Inf.Bay Cityview record
Garden, James67view record
Gates, JohnCanada67G 9 MI Cav.West Bay Cityview record
Gibbons, P. F.67view record
Gilbert, JosephBuffalow, NY67A 19 NYBay Cityview record
Gilbert, L. A. C.Ohio67H 7 MI I.Bay Cityview record
Giroux, JohnCanada67H 1 MI Eng.Bay Cityview record
Glidden, J. S.Penna.67E 2 MI Inf.Bay Cityview record
Glover, Rolla67C 7 MI Cav.view record
Glover, RollaN. Adams, Mass.67C 7 MI Cav.Bay Cityview record
Golman, Wm.67A 62 NyBay Cityview record
Gooms (Grooms), Ben67view record
Gorton (Gordon), StewartNY67B 23 MI Inf.Lucernview record
Gosslar, Chas.Canada67B 29 MI Inf.Bay Cityview record
Graham, John F.Glasgoe, Sld67G 177 OH Inf.Bay Cityview record
Graham, Z. B.67view record
Grandy, W.67B 29 MI Inf.view record
Grandy, Wm.67B 29 MI Inf.Bay Cityview record
Grayham, Robt.Penn.67G 150 PA Inf.Bay Cityview record
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