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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Spaulding, NormanMich.62E 3 MI Inf.Sheffieldview record
Spaulding, Olean62H 6 MI Cav.view record
Squires, Jason R.NY62F 21 MI Inf.Nelsonview record
Stanton, Luther D.62D 110 NYCedar Springsview record
Stout, Oscar62view record
Tate, James W.Penna.62K 6 In Inf.Cedar Springsview record
Tate, James W.62K 22 IN Inf.view record
Tisdale, John S.Onida Co., NY62E 1 MI E&MCedar Springsview record
Tuttle, A. S.Sussex, NY62F 2 MI Cav.Nelsonview record
Tuttle, WalterWyoming Co., NY62A 1 MI L. A.Cedar Springsview record
Velzey, W.NY62C 104 NYCedar Springsview record
Ward, Lewis E.England62A 50 NY Eng.Cedar Springsview record
Weller, Henry62B 1 MI Eng.Cedar Springsview record
West, Charles62view record
Wheeler, EmeryNY62I 6 MI Cav.Algomaview record
Whiple, JohnStae of NY62E 14 MI Inf.Edgertonview record
Whitaker, IsaacNY62I 7 MI I.Lockwoodview record
Williams, Andrew J.Jerusalem, NY62A 10 MI Inf.Cedar Springsview record
Williams, D. H.Bath, NY62D 1 MI L. A.Cedar Springsview record
Willson, K.62I 29 OH Inf.Cedar Springsview record
Willson, RhubenNY62I 29 OH Inf.Bunelstownview record
Wood, P. A.62F 14 MI Inf.Cedar Springsview record
Worthington, Wm.Williamston, Ohio62A 38 OH Inf.Cedar Springsview record
Wyman, O. C.Maine62C 14 ME I.Cedar Springsview record
Yates, Alex (?)62view record
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