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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Cole, Marvin C.48view record
Coleman, G. H.NY48A 28 WI Inf.Jacksonview record
Collum, SamuelMich.48C 2 MI Cav.Jacksonview record
Coltrin, BruceOhio48C 4 IN Cav.Jacksonview record
Conklin, TheodoreNew York48K 3 NY L. A.Jacksonview record
Conley, T. J.48view record
Cook, A. M.48view record
Cook, Chas. W.48view record
Cooms, FredGermany48C 9 MI Inf.Sandstoneview record
Cooper, C. W.Michigan48A 6 MI H. A.Jacksonview record
Cooper, E. L.Grass Lake, M.48G 11 MIGrass Lakeview record
Cooper, Eph. B.48view record
Cottrell, Geo. N.Ohio48K 6 MI H. A.Jacksonview record
Cottrell, John D.Ohio48I 31 OH Inf.Jacksonview record
Coulson, Wm.Eng.48A 2 MI Inf.Jacksonview record
Courtney, Thomas48view record
Covell, Jas. A.Mich.48B 22 MI Inf.Jacksonview record
Coy, SolomonFranklin, Ohio48H 1st Potomac Horse Brig. Cav.842 Cooper St., Jacksonview record
Craft, E.Mich.48C 1 MIJacksonview record
Cramer, Adam48I 11 IN Cav.Jacksonview record
Crandall, Jno.Mich.4814 MI Bat.Jacksonview record
Credit, John H.NY48Ship Gt. WesternJacksonview record
Cregue, JosiahPenn.48E 1 MI L. A.Jacksonview record
Crocker, Willis W.New York48B 9 MI Inf.Jacksonview record
Crocket, John48view record
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