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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Ten Eyck, W.State NY43E 6 US C.Blissfieldview record
Titus, SylvanusNY43A 1 MI L. A.Blissfieldview record
Tripp, Byron43F 14 OH V. I.Blissfieldview record
Tucker, A.Ohio43A 9 MI V. I.Whitefordview record
Turner, H. F.NY43A 17 Oh V. I.Palmyraview record
Van Etten, C.Michigan43A 4 MI V. I.Blissfieldview record
Walker, Perry43view record
Waltz, GeorgeOhio43I 99 OH Inf.Blissfieldview record
Ward, J. D.43view record
Ward, J. D.NY43I 14 Oh V. I.Rigaview record
Wattering, JohnNew York43B 17 WV V. I.Blissfieldview record
Webster, JeromeNY43C 22 NY Cav.Blissfieldview record
Welsh, Elias R.Royalton, O.43I 67 OH V. I.Blissfieldview record
Westerman, J.Penn.43F 14 OH V. I.Rigaview record
Wilber, H. H.43C 1 MI L. A.Blissfieldview record
Williams, A. P.NY43K 3 US Art.Blissfieldview record
Williams, Geo. H.NY43L 1 MI E&MBlissfieldview record
Williams, Harrison C.Illinois43B 14 OH V. I.Ottawa Lakeview record
Wines, JonathanNY43D 11 MI V. I.Blissfieldview record
Winkler, CorydonLivonia43C OH SharpshootersOgdenview record
Wolverton, Ezekiel43view record
Wood, Horace43view record
Wood, Wm. C.Cattaraugus, NY43K 5 WI Inf.Palmyraview record
Woodberry, EliRavena, Ohio43H 15 MI Inf.Blissfieldview record
Woodbury, LymanOhio43K 18 MI Inf.Blissfieldview record
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