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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Chittenden, Wm. F.New York42D 154 NY Inf.Lansingview record
Choate, Horace A.Mich.42D 9 MI V. I.Lansingview record
Choate, Rodney W.New York42I 7 MI V. C.Lansingview record
Choate, S. P.42K 27 MI I.view record
Choates, Stephen S.Hillsdale, Mich.42K 27 MI Inf.Lansingview record
Christian, Phil.NY42D 14 MI Inf.Masonview record
Christiancy, W. P.Mich.421 MI Cav.Lansingview record
Christopher, Geo. W.Mich.42H 27 MI Inf.Lansingview record
Christopher, JohnMich.42H 27 MI V. I.Lansingview record
Christopher, John I.South Lyons, Mich.42H 27 MI Inf.Lansingview record
Church, C. B.Mich.42G 5 MI Cav.Bathview record
Churchill, NelsonCanada42D 22 MI Inf.Lansingview record
Cittenden, Chas. M.New York42D 19 MI V. I.Lansingview record
Clark, ArchibaldNY42I 26 Mi Inf.Morrisview record
Clark, Edgar W.Northville, M.42G 3 MI Inf.Lansingview record
Clark, H. P.Mich.42K 11 MI Cav.Lansingview record
Clark, PeterMich.42E 3 MI V. C.Lansingview record
Clark, PeterOhio42F 11 KSLansingview record
Clark, Thomas S.Ohio426 MI Inf.Lansingview record
Clark, TimothyNY42G 9 NY H. A.Lansingview record
Clark, Wm. E.Highland, M.4213 BattallionN. Lansingview record
Clawson, Hilbert S.Seneca Co., NY42A 50 NY Eng.North Lansingview record
Clements, HenryEngland42K 21 OH V. I.Deltaview record
Cochran, SamuelIreland42A 23 MI Inf.M.A.C.view record
Coffee, R. J.Shippings Bay, Pa.42G 202 PA Vol. Inf.North Lansingview record
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