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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Mason, Orville F.Cortland Co., NY37F 152 IN V. I.Stantonview record
Maybee, Reubin H.Canada37A 2 US I.Sheridanview record
McBane, JesseNew York37H 13 MI V.I.Sidneyview record
McBane, JesseRochester, NY37H 13 MI Inf.Stantonview record
McClelland, W. H.Lorain Co., O.37A 12 OH Cav.Douglas Tpview record
Merriett, Edwin W.Vermont372SS 27 MI I.Stantonview record
Miller, Chas. T.Kent Co., Del.37B 40 NJ Inf.Stantonview record
Miller, DavidOrleans, NY37B 151 NY Inf.Stantonview record
Miller, David37B 157 NY Inf.view record
Miller, Harvey M. Jackson Co., Mich.37F 6 MI H. A.Colbyview record
Miller, JohnMich.37D 3 MI Inf.Stantonview record
Miller, JohnDetroit37D 3 MI Inf.Stantonview record
Minard, Geo. H.Allegany Co., Pa.37G 44 IN V. I.Sidneyview record
Minard, JoshuaMahoning Co., Ohio37F 57 OH I.Stantonview record
Minard, Joshua37F 57 OH I.view record
Minard, MartinPenna.37G 44 IN V. I.Sidneyview record
Miner, Chas. H.Rochester, NY37D 11 MI Cav.Stantonview record
Moffatt, Joseph L.Green, NY37I 7 US Inf.Evergreenview record
Moore, Lyman C.Michigan37C 3 MI V. Cav.Stantonview record
Morse, AsaNY37B 171 PA V. I.Stantonview record
Mulnix, A. J.Delaware Co., NY37I 1 US S. S.Stantonview record
Mulnix, Andrew J.Delaware Co., NY37D 1 US S. S.Sidneyview record
Nelson, Chas. A.Westmorland, NY37B 101 NY Inf.Stantonview record
Nichols, Henry M.Livingston Co., NY37F 1 MI L. A.Stantonview record
Noah, Joshua H.Ohio37H 8 MI Inf.Sidney Centerview record
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