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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Himes, JosephPa.35B 46 IL Inf.South Havenview record
Hines, Alonzo35C 1 OH Cav.view record
Hoag, O. S.Cayahoga, Ohio35M 3 Mi Cav.Genevaview record
Hodges, HerrickMichigan35C 70 NY Inf.South Havenview record
Hodges, O. W.Spring Arbor, Mich35I 17 MI Inf.South Havenview record
Holcomb, A. R.New York35G 148 NY Regt.South Havenview record
Holdsworth, Jas. H.England35L 4 MI Cav.South Havenview record
Holmes, J. C.England35F 42 IL Inf.South Havenview record
Hosmer, SylvesterNew York35K 13 MI Inf.Genevaview record
Hotchkis, AlexanderMedina, Ohio3514 OH Indep Art.Cascoview record
Hotchkiss, A. R.Jefferson Co., NY35H 24 WI Inf.South Havenview record
Hotchkiss, A. R.Ohio35D 14 OH Art.South Havenview record
House, W. N.Orange Co., NY35L 15 NY EngineersSouth Havenview record
Hulbert, D. W.Cohocton, NY35F 4 WI Cav.South Havenview record
Hulet, MortNew York35A 7 IA Vol.South Havenview record
Humphrey, RobertNew York35I 13 VT Inf.Kibbiesview record
Hurbut, Wm.England35M 11 MI Cav.South Havenview record
Hurlbut, A. D.Oswego, NY35D 66 IL V.V.S.S.South Havenview record
Inman, Andrew G.N. H.35B 140 NY Inf.South Havenview record
Ireland, JamesPrince Edwards Isle35K 19 MI Inf.South Havenview record
Jerrue, A.Canada35I 17 MI Inf.South Havenview record
Jillson, AldenNew York35G 35 NY Inf.South Havenview record
Jillson, L. K.New York35B 12 MI Inf.South Havenview record
Johnson, A.New York35E 156 IL Inf.Genevaview record
Jones, J. F.NY35F 10 NY Inf.Covertview record
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