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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Dennis, CyrenusErie Co., Pa.32C 75 IL Inf.Battle Creekview record
Dennison, F. T.32D 1 MI Inf.view record
Deno, AntonioMich.32D 2 US Inf.Battle Creekview record
Dewitt, Joseph C.32Battle Creekview record
Dockery, W. E.Canada32G 19 OH Inf.Urbendaleview record
Dodds, LaFayetteOhio32K 8 OH Cav.Battle Creekview record
Dolan, John R.Orleans, NY32F 22 NY Cav.Battle Creekview record
Dolins, John B.32Battle Creekview record
Doty, Charles C.NY32A MS Inf.B. C.view record
Dowd, J. G.Mich.32F 8 Mi Inf.Battle Creekview record
Duboise, D.New York32L Merrill HorseBattle Creekview record
Duffie, M. B.Battle Creek32K 19 MI Inf.Battle Creekview record
Duffie, MalcohmBattle Creek3219 MI Inf.Battle Creekview record
Duffie, Philip32view record
Duffie, Thomas C.Iriland32L 8 Art.Battle Creekview record
Dunn, JohnNY32G 2 MI Cav.Battle Creekview record
Dutton, J. (Jas.?) M.NY32C 2 NY Cav.Battle Creekview record
Earl, Charles W.Conn.32US NavyBattle Creekview record
Easey, JohnEngland32D 1 MI S.S.Assyriaview record
Edwards, Albert S.England32F 2 MI Inf.Johnstownview record
English, Amos H.NY32K 4 Inf.Battle Creekview record
Erwin, John32view record
Eschbaugh, Uriah H.Milton, Conn.32M 1 NY L. A.Battle Creekview record
Eskine, SylvesterCanada W.32K 3 MI Inf.Battle Creekview record
Estell, JohnCanada32C 111 PA Vol.Battle Creekview record
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