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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Place, James M.New York31D 9 MI Inf.Paw Pawview record
Porter, Wm. J.Lewiston, NY3123 NY Batt.Paw Pawview record
Potter, Jas.Jeff. Co., NY31F 17 NY Inf.Paw Pawview record
Prentice, George H.Williamson, NY31I 17 NY Inf.Lawtonview record
Rawson, Coleman P.Lockport, NY31A 5 MI Cav.Paw Pawview record
Rayman, Geo. W.Ridgebury, Penn.31K 46 OH Inf.Paw Pawview record
Rediker, Geo. B.Wayne Co., NY31C 4 MI Cav.Porterview record
Reed, JohnNew York31E 5 NY Inf.Paw Pawview record
Reed, Joseph31I 1 OH Cav.view record
Rice, O. A.Liv. (?) Co., NY31A 13 MI Inf.Paw Pawview record
Richardson, Milan U.Covington, NY31C 3 MI Cav.Paw Pawview record
Richardson, Noble D.NY31C 3 MI Cav.Paw Pawview record
Rickard, JohnAlexander, NY31C 70 NY Vol. Inf.Paw Pawview record
Rider, Robert J.Duchess Co., NY31H 108 NY Inf.Paw Pawview record
Rierson, R.Germany31K 27 IN Vols.Paw Pawview record
Ritter, James M.Nothumberland, Pa.31E 131 PA Inf.Lawtonview record
Robb, JohnGeo Town, NY31I 17 MI Inf.Paw Pawview record
Roundy, A. J.Vermont31C 70 NY Inf.Paw Pawview record
Rowland, Oran W.Savannah, Ohio31C 3 MI Cav.Paw Pawview record
Ryan, JohnHarlem, NY31C 4 MI Cav.Lawrenceview record
Sage, W. H.Irland31E 1 MI L. A.Paw Pawview record
Sallisbury, Joseph A.NY31G 28 MI Inf.Paw Pawview record
Salsbury, J. L.New York31G 28 MI Inf.Paw Pawview record
Scott, John W.New Brunswick31I 44 NY Vol.Lawtonview record
Searles, Charles C.Byron, NY31F 28 Ny Inf.Paw Pawview record
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