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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Marsh, A. H.Oswego, NY24E 7 MI Inf.Fentonview record
Marsh, Franklin B.Cataraugus, NY24G 8 MI Vol. Inf.Fentonview record
Mather, E. H.Canada2422 MI Inf.Fentonview record
Matthews, Lafaette248 MI Inf.view record
McCollam, FranklinFenton, Mich.24L 10 MI Cav.Lindenview record
McOmber, Francis W.Saratoga, NY24C 8 MI Inf.Fentonview record
Merithew, PhilanderMt. Morris, NY24F 33 NY V. Inf.Osceolaview record
Middlesworth, AlbertJohnsbury, NY24H 5 MI Inf.Fentonview record
Miller, Henry24F 1 MI Cav.view record
Mills, Edwin G.Ypsilanti, Mich.244 Brig Band 23 A. C.Fentonview record
Montgomery, S. C.Brookfield, O.24C 2 OH Cav.Argentineview record
Morehouse, AnsonCovert, NY24E 9 NY Art.Fentonvilleview record
Morrison, Henry O.Macomb, Mich.24B 22 MI Inf.Fentonview record
Morrison, HenryUtica, Mich.24D 22 MI Inf.Fentonview record
Morrow, Andrew A.County Down, Ireland24G 98 National GuardFentonview record
Munson, Marion24view record
Noris, Newton B.NY24G 76 NY Inf.Fentonview record
Norton, NelsonNY24B 117 NY Inf.Fentonview record
Oatman, Edgar A.East Bloomfield, NY24D 126 NY Vol.Fentonview record
Orton, Allen T.Wales, NY24F 29 MI V. Inf.Fentonview record
Osgood, HenryPontiac, M.24H 2 MI Cav.Fentonview record
Owen, JohnShelby,Orleans Co NY24G 8 MI Vol. Inf.Fentonview record
Page, JamesNY24I 22 MI Inf.Argentineview record
Parker, Daial C.Steuben, NY24A 8 MI Inf.Fentonvilleview record
Parton, Pellson24view record
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