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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Morrow, Jas.New Jersey21C 67 IL Inf.Lincolnview record
Motley, G. H.England21E 55 OH Inf.St. Josephview record
Moulton, Chas. H.New York21B 6 MI Inf.St. Josephview record
Mulliken, G. W.Illinois21B 20 INSt. Josephview record
Murphy, Wm. H.21C 12 MIBridgemanview record
Myers, ElijahOhio21I 19 MI Inf.Royaltonview record
Myers, S. J.New York21I 11 MI Cav.St. Josephview record
Napier, E. E.21view record
Nash, AlbertMich.21E 9 MI Cav.Bridgemanview record
Neader, ChristianSwitzerland21G 186 NYSt. Josephview record
Newton, Ramon H.Glenns Falls21H 5 MI CavSt. Josephview record
Nitcher, Wm.Ind.21E 12 IN Cav.St. Josephview record
Norton, H. P.New York21F 9 NY Cav.St. Josephview record
Ohmstead, James M.Ohio21F 23 ILStevensvilleview record
Parrish, Wm.Mich.21K 12 MI Inf.Stevensvilleview record
Perkins, J. H.New York21G 27 NYSt.Josephview record
Plumley, A.New York21H 151 INLakeview record
Pooler, ArielOhio21K 4 WI Cav.St. Josephview record
Porter, Wm. F.England21B 7 MI Cav.St. Josephview record
Powell, Jno. S.2130 ILview record
Powell, Jno. S.New York21A 12 IL Inf.Stevensvilleview record
Powell, Jno. S.2152 US CTview record
Poyns, EdwinOhio21B 11 MI Inf.St. Josephview record
Preston, Fowler J.Michigan21N. Atlantic SquadronSt. Josephview record
Preston, W. A.Mich.21St. Josephview record
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