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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Murett, A. W.Ohio2E 8 MI Cav.Alganseeview record
Myers, C. F.Lorain Co., NY2D 1 MI LAQuincyview record
Myers, David C.Spring Valley, NJ2B MI LAQuincyview record
Nash, OrlandoNalan, OH2H 4 MI Inf.Alganseeview record
Nichols, H. H.Ohio2A 9 NY HAQuincyview record
Nichols, John C.Canada2G 4 MI Cav.Quincyview record
Niverson, Wm WNew York2M 5 MI Cav.Alganseeview record
Nivison, G. F.Lansing, NY2E 1 MI Inf.Quincy, MIview record
Nivison, Robt. B.New York2M 5 MI Cav.Ray, INview record
Nixon, T. J.Cuyahoga Co, OH2H 9 MI Inf.Alganseeview record
Nobles, WardGenesee Co. NY2I 74 NYQuincyview record
Norton, Gilbert S.Wain Co., NY2I 11 MI Inf.Alganseeview record
Parmateer, Wm HLenawee Co., MI2G 4 MI Inf.Quincyview record
Parmlee, Ezrah J.New York2K 4 MI Inf.Quincyview record
Perkins, C.New York2H 14 MI Inf.Quincyview record
Perring, AlbertBranch, IN2F 139 IN Inf.Quincy, MIview record
Pond, Cornelius V. R.Auburn NY212 CT Vols.Quincyview record
Potter, Charles F.Ruggles, OH2H 17 MI Inf.Quincyview record
Powell, Adna B.wayne Co., NY2G 1 MI LAQuincy, MIview record
Poynes, EdwinVermillion, OH2B 11 MI Inf.Quincy, MIview record
Purdy, G. R.Ohio2G 1 MI SSAlganseeview record
Rathborn, Geo2view record
Rathbun, Geo. W.Lenaway Co., MI2B 18 MI Inf.Quincyview record
Ray, FrankMargaretta, Oh2H 55 OH Inf.Allenview record
Reed, Lucius H.Plainfield, NH2K 112 NY Inf.California, MIview record
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