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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Richmond, HomerNew York16D 111 NYEvartview record
Riley, PeterIreland168 NY SSSearsview record
Robbins, Stephen16Evartview record
Roe, Selsby ELova, Ca16H 13 MNHartwickview record
Rogers, WilliamNew York16B 8 NY H. A.Searsview record
Rose, Andrew J.Ohio16US Steamer Forest RoseEvartview record
Ross, J. A.Allegheney, PA 184716E 61 PA Inf.Evartview record
Rought, EbenezerPenn.16F 61 PA Inf.Evartview record
Rowly, John F.Michigan16E 15 MI Inf.Evartview record
Sabine, John R.New York16E 23 MI Inf.Evartview record
Sawyer, Jos. B.16Hartwickview record
Scutt, SanfordNew York16L 1 MI E&MOsceola Tp.view record
Sears, A. J.16I 104 OH V. I.view record
Sheridan, A. J.Ohio16E 24 IN Inf.Evartview record
Simmons, LeonardNew York State16I 21 MI Inf.Evartview record
Smith, Avry A.Indiana16K 10 MI Inf.Evartview record
Smith, Charles W.Indiana16I 44 In Inf.Searsview record
Smith, Charles W.16I 44 IN Inf.view record
Snyder, John L.Ohio16I 4 OH Inf.Evartview record
Staniger, William16view record
Staninger, Wm. H.Penn.16C 18 MI Inf.Evartview record
Straub, HiramOhio16M 57 OH Inf.Evartview record
Stryker, Wm. H.New York16B 189 NY Inf.Evartview record
Teal, AbramWis.16I 46 WIEvartview record
Teal ?, AbrhemNew York16I 46 WIIndenaview record
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