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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Gilbert, NathanPalmyra, OH14C 25 MI Inf.Sodusview record
Gill, RobtCarrol Co., Ohio1411 IN BattyBenton Harborview record
Gilson, J. C.Middlesex, NY14A 20 MI Inf.Pipestoneview record
Gilson, JohnStark Co., Ohio14D 73 IN Inf.Benton Harborview record
Godfrey, Chas. H.Michigan14A 1 MI E&MBenton Harborview record
Godfrey, Chas. H.Jackson Co., MI14A 1 MI Eng.Benton Harborview record
Goldman, E. H.14view record
Goodrich, DavidWells, Rutland Co Vt14E 29 WI Inf.Benton Harborview record
Granville, Geo. F.Farmington, ME14B 12 MI Inf.Benton Harborview record
Graves, John B.Morestown, NY14G 155 IN Inf.Benton Harborview record
Green, Benj.14I 19 MI Inf.view record
Green, GeorgeGermany14C 1 IL Arty.Bainbridgeview record
Gregg, Russell B.Richland Co., Ohio14H 15 OH Inf.Colomaview record
Grow, EdwardElgin, IL14A 30 IL Inf.Benton Harborview record
Grubfelter, LouisGermany14L 3 MI Cav.St. Joseph, MIview record
Guy, T. De WittYates, NY14B 12 Mi Inf.Colomaview record
Hall, G. E.14view record
Hall, O. M.Marion Co., OH14C 14 IN Inf.Benton Harborview record
Hall, O. M.Huron Co. Ohio14C 14 IN Inf.Benton Harborview record
Hamilton, Smiley W.Hardin Co., Ohio14C 11 OH Inf.Colomaview record
Hammond, Milton S.Jefferson Co., NY14E 102 NY Inf.Benton Townshipview record
Hannon, S.Hamilton CW14E 140 Il Inf.Benton Harborview record
Hardenbrook, F.Maryland14L 3 MI Cav.Riversideview record
Hariman, Timothy A.14H 97 IN Inf.view record
Harmon, T. A.Hanson, Ohio14H 97 IN Vol.Benton Townshipview record
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