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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Radenbaugh, Chas.Ohio9H 132 OH N.G. 100 DayHesperiaview record
Reen, C. C.Pennsylvania9B 7 PA Inf.Hesperiaview record
Reynolds, Clark R.Monticello, OH9A 179 OH Inf.Hesperiaview record
Reynolds, E. R.Ohio9A 179 OH I.Hesperiaview record
Richardson, N. G.Wane Co., MI9A 15 MINewfieldview record
Robbins,McKean Co., PA9C 211 PA Inf.Hesperiaview record
Robbins, BensonPennsylvania9C 210 PADenverview record
Robbins, Chas. H.Stuben, NY9I 1 PA RiflesHesperiaview record
Robbins, Chas.New York9I PA RiflesHesperiaview record
Robbins, Joseph J.New York9E 58 PAHesperiaview record
Robbins, Richard V.New York9G 58 PA Inf.Hesperiaview record
Robins, GeorgeNew York9D 186 NYHesperiaview record
Rose, L. R.Monroe, Michigan9A 4 MI newHesperiaview record
Rowell, W.New York9G 122 NYDenverview record
Russingue, MarionNew York9K 97 NYNewfieldview record
Seymore, C. W.New York9G 18 MI Inf.Hesperiaview record
Seymore, Frank B.Ohio9G 6 MIBeaverview record
Shirts, John M.Alagon, OH9G 19 INHesperiaview record
Simmons, ClintonNew York9K 123 OH Inf.Daytonview record
Simmons, W. C.Saratoga, NY9B 5 IA Cav.Hesperiaview record
Slocum, RichardNew York9G 8 MI Inf.Hesperiaview record
Smith, Herman B.Michigan9D 10 MI Cav.Hesperiaview record
Smith, J. B.Michigan9D 9 MI I.Hesperiaview record
Snook, HenryOhio9E 66 OH Inf.Hesperiaview record
Spaulding, Ezra9H 6 MI Cav.Twp of Newfieldview record
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