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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Smith, Lewis F.74view record
Smith, Thos. H.Williams Co., O.74C 3 OH C.Dorrview record
Sooy, Sam'lWayne, O.74H 2 OH V. C.Waylandview record
Stanton, H. J.Coldwater, Mich.74E 108 OH V. I.Waylandview record
Sterling, J. W.74view record
Stringham, H. T.Caiyga74E 6 MI Inf.Waylandview record
Truax, ParkerCanada74H 1 MI E&MHopkinsview record
Truax, WilliamCambridge, Canada E.74G 6 NY Art.Waylandview record
Van Valkenburgh, LambertErie, NY74G 14 MI V. I.Waylandview record
Varney, A. P.Munson, O.74C 19 OH V. I.Dorrview record
Wademan, C. H.Pa.74C 11 MI I.Molineview record
Wademan, C. H.Carbondale, Pa.74C 4 MI Inf.Dorrview record
Wademan, GeorgePa.74C 11 MI I.Molineview record
Walch, C. D.Oswego, NY74E 1 MI Eng.Deightonview record
Watkins, S. A.Vermont74F 3 MI Vol.Deightonview record
Watson, LumanDryden, NY74B 7 PA Cav.Waylandview record
Wedeman, Geo.74view record
Wells, Melvin A.Washtenaw, M.74E 3 MI Inf.Waylandview record
Wiggins, Charles T.Barton. Vt.74E 1 MI E&MWaylandview record
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