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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Parks, HomerMich.53K 14 MI Inf.Masonview record
Parks, James E.Mason53B 7 MI Inf.view record
Patrick, C.Mich.53B 26 MI Inf.Inghamview record
Patrick, P. A.NY5323 NY Bat.Masonview record
Payne, D.Manchester, NY53I 3 MI Cav.Masonview record
Perrin, FrankNew York53H 20 NY Cav.Masonview record
Perrin, Wm. A.Prescott, Ont.53C 108 NY Inf.Masonview record
Perry, Chas. A.N. Bedford, Mass.53B 77 NY Inf.Masonview record
Peters, H. J.Switzerland53D 100Masonview record
Petty, Wm. A.NY53B 1 OH L. A.Masonview record
Pierce, F. A.Mich.53D 14 MI Inf.Masonview record
Pollock, JosephNY53E 11 US Inf.Masonview record
Price, Geo. J.Canada53G 16 MI Inf.Masonview record
Price, Geo. J.Canada53G 16 MI Inf.Wheatfieldview record
Rathburn, Isiah53G 12 MI Inf.Masonview record
Reynolds, Henry O.Cuyoga, Ohio531 L. A.Masonview record
Reynolds, Henry O.Ohio53C 1 MI L. A.Masonview record
Rice, L. B.53F 10 MI Inf.Masonview record
Rigg, AustinCarmel Co., Oh.53G 12 MI Inf.Alaiedonview record
Robinson, G. W.NY53E 1 MI L. A.Vevayview record
Root, W. W.NY5375 NY Inf.Masonview record
Ryan, MiltonN. York53K 3 MIMasonview record
Sanderson, James B.Jefferson Co., NY53D 9 MI Inf.Masonview record
Saran, M. E.Rochester, NY53A 21 NY Inf.Masonview record
Sayer, Gordon A.Essex Co., NY53G 12 MI Inf.Masonview record
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