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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Chamberlain, MerrickNY48H 1 MI E&MHortonview record
Chambers, Chas. R.Mich.48F 28 MI Inf.Jacksonview record
Chapin,48view record
Chapin, E. W.Mass.48K 34 MA Inf.Jacksonview record
Chapin, LeviNew York48G 25 WI InfJacksonview record
Chapman, E. K.NY4815 OH V. Bat.Jacksonview record
Chapman, Geo. R.4824 MI Inf.view record
Chapman, J. GeorgeN. H.4812 NHJacksonview record
Chase, Wm. F.48view record
Christman, Geo.Penn.48K 19 NYJacksonview record
Clark, Charles L.Mich.48I 3 MI Cav.Jacksonview record
Clark, George H.Ohio48G 6 MI H. A.Jacksonview record
Clark, J. L.NY48H 1 MI E&MJacksonview record
Clark, James W.Ohio48H 5 OH Cav.Jacksonview record
Clark, Joel M.New Jersey48E 18 MI Inf.Jacksonview record
Clark, John D.48view record
Clark, John L.New York48H 1 MI E&MJacksonview record
Clay, A. T.Indiana48E 129 IN Inf.Jacksonview record
Clickner, Geo.New York48B 8 NY Cav.Jacksonview record
Clinton, Geo.Ireland48G 3 MI Cav.Jacksonview record
Coarding, J. E.Mich.48M 34 OH Inf.Jacksonview record
Cobb, Dewitt C.Indiana48F 4 MI Cav.Brooklynview record
Cole, A. M.48view record
Cole, Chas. H.Mich.48NavyJacksonview record
Cole, Horace M.48view record
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