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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Rodisila (Rhodacella), HenryGermany43I 14 MI V. I.Rigaview record
Rooney, J. M.Ohio43K 16 WI V. I.Palmyraview record
Rosenstiel, J.Franklin, Pa.43F 139 PA Inf.Rigaview record
Rouse, HenryNY43K 18 MI Inf.Blissfieldview record
Rowe, M. F.Mich.43D 1 MI A.Blissfieldview record
Rudy, Henry43G 107 Oh V. I.Rigaview record
Saxton, John S.La Grange, O.43I 2 OH Cav.Deerfieldview record
Saxton, John S.43D 2 OH Cav.view record
Saxton, John S.Ohio43I 2 OH V. I.Rigaview record
Sebring, Aaron43view record
Seger, Philo C.Ohio43N 3 OH V. C.Rigaview record
Senisky, Martin G.New York43B 18 MI Inf.Rigaview record
Smead, G. A.Adrian, Mich.43K 182 OH V. I.Blissfieldview record
Smead, JohnMichigan43B 8 MI V. C.Blissfieldview record
Smith, G. W.Canada43F 4 MI V. I.Blissfieldview record
Smith, Geo. B.NY43F 26 MI V. I.Blissfieldview record
Smith, Sam'l S.Cuyahoga Co., Ohio43A 177 OH V. I.Blissfieldview record
Sperry, Frank W.Ohio43F 26 MI I.Blissfieldview record
Stark, IsaacWarterloo, NY43I 145 OH V. I.Blissfieldview record
Stearns, J. R.Mass.43Band 8 MI V. I.Blissfieldview record
Stone, Oliver P.43E 4 MI Cav.view record
Stoner, NathanielState NY43E 18 MI I.Blissfieldview record
Stull, JosephOhio43H 14 OH V. I.Blissfieldview record
Swinghamer, FredrickGermany43G 37 Oh V. I.Blissfieldview record
Talbert, Chas.Germany43B 176 OH I.Ottawa Lakeview record
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