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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Hall, MarcusNew York40G 21 NY Cav.Charlotteview record
Hall, MerrickNew York40E 186 NY Vol.Charlotteview record
Hall, Wm. D.40I 176 NYview record
Hall, Wm. D.NY40H 117 NYCharlotteview record
Haner, Jacob C.Michigan40I 1 MI Cav.Charlotteview record
Harmon, S. W.Fredonia Co., O.40H 6 MI Inf.Chesterview record
Harper, Levi J.Oakland Co., Mich.40D 2 MI Cav.Eatonview record
Harrington, J. T.NY40H 17 MICharlotteview record
Hartwell, FrankNY40F 6 MI H. A.Charlotteview record
Hartwell, Gerome B.Stuben, NY40F 6 MI H. A.Charlotteview record
Hartwell, J. B.NY40F 6 MI H. A.Charlotteview record
Hartwell, Jerome B.Stuben Co., NY40F 6 MI H. A.Charlotteview record
Harwood, Wm. H.?ton Co., Vt.40D 1 IL Arty.Kalamoview record
Haslett, Jas. C.Ohio40L 2 MI Cav.Charlotteview record
Hays, Henry H.Akron, Ohio40E 12 MI Inf.Bentonview record
Heath, Chas. T.Ny40H 9 NY V. I.Charlotteview record
Henreys, Geo. D.Saratoga Co., NY40E 91 NY H. A.Charlotteview record
Herbst, F. W.Germany40D 1 MICharlotteview record
Herring, GeorgeKalamo, Mich.40D 7 MI Cav.Charlotteview record
Heuber, DanielSeneca Co., O.40D 101 OH V. I.Charlotteview record
Hickox, Cyrus W.York State40C 3 NY L. A.Charlotteview record
Hicks, Wm. P.NY40F 1 MI Eng.Charlotteview record
Hill, Byron A.Phelps, NY40C 148 NY Inf.Brookfieldview record
Hoag, George W.Farmington, NY40C 15 NY Cav.Charlotteview record
Holbrook, L. C.Vermont40I 118 NY Inf.Charlotteview record
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