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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Rogers, Wm.Wayne Co., OH4K 11 MI Inf.Readingview record
Rowe, TimothyNew York4G 193 NY Inf.Cambriaview record
Sage, Wesley M.Vermont4C 1 MI SSAlgansee, MIview record
Saunders, Wm.Ohio4A 192 OH Inf.Readingview record
Seely, JosephYates, NY4G 11 MI Inf.Readingview record
Shafer, AbrahanOnondaga, NY4A 11 MI Cav.Readingview record
Shafer, AlfonzoOnondaga, NY4B 4 MI Inf.Readingview record
Shannon, A. R.Onondaga Co., NY4G 2 MI Cav.Readingview record
Sherman, F. M.Waterbury, VT4L 1 VT Cav.Readingview record
Sherman, N. P.New York4E 14 VT Inf.Readingview record
Sherman, Nathan P.Fort Ann, NY4E 14 VT Inf.Readingview record
Strang, A. B.Massachusetts41 MI SSReadingview record
Swab, John G.Jermany4G 195 OHReadingview record
Tanner, E. M.England4G 86 OHReadingview record
Thomas, Wm.Michigan4A 4 MI Inf.Readingview record
Thompson, HughPennsylvania4C 95 OHReadingview record
Titus, Milo M.Woodbridge, MI4D 18 MI Inf.Cambriaview record
VanFranson, NathanRichland Co., OH4C 38 OH Inf.Camdenview record
Vanwert, HughNew york4A 17 MI Inf.Woodbridgeview record
Walbridge, Geo.Stafford, VT4H 3 RI Cav.Readingview record
Waldorf, J. W.Grangerville, OH4D 177 OH Inf.Camdenview record
Warner, C. D.Michigan4G 2 MI Cav.Readingview record
Washburn, NelsonErie Co., NY4L 10 NY Cav.Readingview record
Waterbery, HenryNew York4B 11 MI Inf.Alganseeview record
Waterbury, JohnNew York4I 100 IN Inf.Readingview record
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