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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Hale, James T.Mass.38I 100 NY Inf.East Saginawview record
Hale, Jas. T.Mass.38I 100 NY Inf.Saginawview record
Halsey, D. K.Mt. Clemens, Mich.38B 5 MI Inf.East Saginawview record
Hamilton, R. P.Piqua, Ohio38A 11 OH Cav.East Saginawview record
Hammond, ArthurNew Jersey38C 1 NY Col. Regt.East Saginawview record
Hancock, WheelerNew York38C 28 US Inf.Saginaw Cityview record
Harris, Chas.Kentucky38K 8 MI Cav.Saginawview record
Harvey, J. J.N. York38G 26 NY I.East Saginawview record
Haskell, Truman H.Buffalo38E 23 MI Inf.South Saginawview record
Haskins, E. W.New York38H 7 MI Cav.East Saginawview record
Haug, JohnGermany38K 5 MI Cav.Saginawview record
Hecock, Chas. E.38B 149 NY Inf.Saginawview record
Heinlein, JohnGermany38A 16 MI Inf.Saginawview record
Hetherington, Oliver J.Cherry Valley, NY38DSaginawview record
Hickey, LawsonVienna Co., NY38L 1 Mi E&MSaginawview record
Hill, Geo. W.Mass.38K 185 NY I.East Saginawview record
Hill, Theo. H.New York38E 50 NY Eng.East Saginawview record
Holsimer, ChristGermany38C 28 NY Inf.East Saginawview record
Holwedge, FredHanover38D 29 MI I.East Saginawview record
Hooley, MichaelIreland38L 13 NY H. A.East Saginawview record
Horton, Geo. M.New York38G 152 NY Inf.Summitview record
Howell, Geo.N. J.38H 9 MI Cav.Saginawview record
Hubbard, Theron L.Paris Hill, NY3830 MI Inf.Saginawview record
Hubbard, TheronNew York3830 MI I.East Saginawview record
Huebner, JohnBavaria38K 5 MI Inf.E. Saginawview record
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