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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Kenyon, E. C.NY29D 1 MI Eng.Grand Rapidsview record
Kenyon, J. S.New York29H 3 NY Cav.Grand Rapidsview record
Kepler, MichaelGermany29I 3 MI IGrand Rapidsview record
Kirkland, LymanOhio29D 26 OH Inf.Alpine Townview record
Knapp, Chas.Ohio29H 4 OHGrand Rapidsview record
Knowles, Westin O.NY29D 27 MIGrand Rapidsview record
Koch, Geo.German29C 3 MI Inf.Grand Rapidsview record
Koch, Wm.Germany29C 3 MI Inf.G. Rapidsview record
Kranemyer, AlburtusHolland29G 21 MI Vol. Inf.169 Scribner St.view record
Lamb, JohnDetroit29A MI Prov GdGrand Rapidsview record
Larkins, JamesN. York29E 55 OH V.Grand Rapidsview record
Lawrence, T. S.NY29H 49 NY Inf.G. Rapidsview record
Lee, JosephMaine29A 15 MEGrand Rapidsview record
Lee, R. A.Ohio29K 1 MI Cav.Grand Rapidsview record
Lefevor, ElamPenn.29E 1 PAGrand Rapidsview record
Lesley, Jacob M.Pa.293 MI Inf.Grand Rapidsview record
Leslie, Jacob M.293 MI Art.view record
Lewis, PeterSwitzerland29B 1 NY Art.G. Rapidsview record
Linburger, John29view record
Lindsey, John29Grand R.view record
Linn, Allen D.Racine, Wis.29C 1 H. A.Grand Rapidsview record
Madden, Hiram29view record
Mais, PeterGermany29B 45 INGrand Rapidsview record
Mais, PeterGermany29B 46 MD I.Grand Rapidsview record
Mallet, M. V. B.29view record
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