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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Root, Daniel T.Orleans Co., NY23G 154 NY Vol. I.Bloomingdaleview record
Rosco, S. S.NY23H 141 NY Inf.Bloomingdaleview record
Ross, Andrew J.Monroe Co., NY23C 2 IA Inf.Berlamontview record
Saxton, I. B.23view record
Starkweather, H. A.23view record
Summey, EriEria Co., NY231 WI BatteryBerlamontview record
Swift, H. E.Hankin (?)23I 3 MI Cav.Michiganview record
Taneaux, JosiahOtsego, NY23C 23 NY Inf.Bloomingdaleview record
Taneaux, Wm. H.Cooperstown23E 114 NY Inf.Bloomingdaleview record
Tucker, EdOhio2315 OH BatteryBloomingdaleview record
Twitchell, DavidConn.23G 67 OH Inf.Bloomingdaleview record
Vaughn, L. W.23view record
Walkes, AbramVt.233 MI BatyCheshireview record
Ward, EmmitMich.23A 3 MI Cav.Cheshireview record
Webster, Geo. W.Orleans Co., NY23C 129 NY Inf.Bloomingdaleview record
Webster, L. M.Medina Co., Ohio23I 1 MI Eng.Cheshireview record
Wetmore, Gary23view record
Whitford, Miles J.Sesquehana, NY23G 1 MI Eng.Glendaleview record
Whitmore, Gerry23view record
Wilkinson, W. S.Mich.23H 16 MI Inf.Bloomingdaleview record
Wilson, Geo. S.Livingston23E 25 MI Inf.Glendaleview record
Wilson, George S.Livingston Co., NY23E 25 MI Inf.Glendaleview record
Wooden, ByronCanada23E 8 MI Inf.Leeview record
Woodhouse, JohnEngland23K 13 MI Inf.Waverlyview record
Wraight, Charles R.Huron, NY23I 15 MI Inf.Bloomingdaleview record
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