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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Preston, Chris. S.Janesville, Wis.22G 44 WI Inf.Buchananview record
Randall, HenryBerrien Co., Mich22K 25 MI Inf.Bertrand Twp.view record
Reynolds, VirgilCole Co., Mis.22F 29 IN Inf.Buchananview record
Richardson, H. A.Essex, NY22F 25 MI Inf.Buchananview record
Richmond, O. H.22I 81 ILview record
Riley, WallaceBuffalo, NY22A 2 NY Inf.Buchananview record
Robinson, WilliamElkhart Co., Ind.22I 12 MI Inf.Buchananview record
Rollins, CharlesTapsam, Me.22M 12 IN Cav.Buchananview record
Rose, Jas.Chatauqua, NY22K 25 MI Inf.Buchananview record
Rouse, Giden T.New York22B 23 MI Inf.Buchananview record
Rundall, Robt.Buchanan22H 30 MI Inf.Buchananview record
Sabin, Chas. E.Indiana2229 INBuchananview record
Sabo, AbrahamClinton Co, Missouri22A 72 IL Inf.Buchananview record
Sage, Luther22E 12 MI Inf.Buchananview record
Sargood, JosephBerkshire, England22C 6 MIBuchananview record
Scott, StephenSt. Joe Co., Ind.22E 12 MI Inf.Bertrandview record
Shaffer, Isaac C.22A 172 PA Inf.Buchananview record
Sheldon, John A.Madison Co., NY22F 8 US Vet VolBertrandview record
Sherman, Gideon H.New York22K 10 MI Inf.Buchananview record
Shook, JohnEast Hanover, Penn.22E 1 MI Arty.Buchananview record
Sickafoose, Geo.22view record
Slocum, Mortimer W.Yates Co., NY22B 141 NY Inf.Buchananview record
Smith, Henry J.New York22G 12 IN Cav.Buchananview record
Smith, Howard F.Conersville, NY22C 12 MI Inf.Buchananview record
Snyder, CharlesRichmond, Ind.22C 12 MI Inf.Buchananview record
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