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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Retalick, Wm.England20A 124 NY Inf.Hartfordview record
Reynolds, Chapin N.Wastenaw Co., mich.20G 42 IL V. I.Bangorview record
Rice, E. B.Germany20G 74 PA Vol. Inf.Hartfordview record
Richardson, EugeneSt. Lawrence Co., NY20G 106 NY Inf.Watervleitview record
Robinson, James D.Fulton Co., Ohio20I 67 OH Inf.Hartfordview record
Root, RubinNew York20G 28 MI Inf.Lawrenceview record
Root, StephenSummit Co., Ohio20G 28 MI Inf.Bangorview record
Rose, Robert P.Ohio20A 1 OH Art.Hartfordview record
Samson, Edwin P.Jefferson Co., NY20K 13 MI Inf.Hartfordview record
Schleich, AugustGermany20C 183 OH Inf.Keelerview record
Shaw, A. P.Scotland20A 140 NY Inf.Hartfordview record
Shaw, Alex P.Scotland20A 140 NY Inf.Hartfordview record
Shears, Judson L.Noble Co., Ind.20K 1 NY Lin. Cav.Hartfordview record
Sherwood, HarlowNew York20H 24 MI Inf.Hartfordview record
Shindler, GeorgeDelaware, Ind.20K 11 MI Cav.Bangorview record
Sias, Daniel W.Jefferson, NY20B 106 NY Vol. Inf.Bangorview record
Smeed, Cyrus H.Lenox Co., Penn.20B 12 PA Cav.Hartfordview record
Snow, Sardis D.Madison Co., NY20K 38 OH V. I.Hartfordview record
Spaulding, A. C.Vermont20G 26 MI Inf.Hartfordview record
Spaulding, HenryErie, Penn.20H 83 PA Inf.Hartfordview record
Stambaugh, Thos.Huntington Co., Pa20E 13 MI Inf.Watervleitview record
Stanley, Geo. R.New York20D 12 MI Inf.Covertview record
Stanley, KellogMich.20B 12 MI Inf.Hartfordview record
Sternaman, W. R.Wood Co., Ohio20I 68 OH Inf.Covertview record
Stillwell, IsaiahLivingston, NY20H 12 MI Inf.Hartfordview record
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