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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Knight, Geo. B.Erie, NY2I 74 NY Inf.Quincy, MIview record
Lake, Charles W.Erie Co., NY2C 1 MI SSAllenview record
Lampman, Moses2B 11 MI Inf.Quincyview record
Lampman, MosesGreen Co., NY2B 11 MI Inf.Quincyview record
Lashney, AlexNew York2E 149 NY Inf.Quincy, MIview record
Leland, S. S.Michigan2G 1 MI LAQuincy, MIview record
Lennon, ThomasIreland2A 4 MI Cav.Quincyview record
Lockwood, Adelbert E.Michigan2B 11 MI Inf.Butlerview record
Lutz, J. S.Ohio2F 30 Cav.Allenview record
Macarey, H. E.Buffalo, NY2K 28 MI Inf.Quincy, MIview record
Mahaffey, HenryIreland2K 110 OHQuincyview record
Marsh, F. E.New York29 US VetsQuincy, MIview record
Martin, LewisY State2A 1 LAQuincyview record
Masher, John A.2view record
Massey, D. J.Canada2C 19 MI Inf.Quincyview record
May, HenryEngland2H 88 IN Vol.Quincyview record
McGinnes, John W.Genesee Co, NY2F 1 MI LAButlerview record
McKenney, JosephCanada2C 1 MI Inf.Quincyview record
McNitt, Edwin W.Ashtabulah, OH2F 12 MI Inf.Spestes, MIview record
McNitt, Sylvester W.Branch Co., MI2F 1 MI LAAlganseeview record
Merritt, WesleyBlooming Grove, OH2E 8 MI Cav.Alganseeview record
Mickle, John Q.Reading2E 139 IL Inf.Quincyview record
Moore, E. A.2A 133 OH Inf.view record
Mosher, JohnHillsdale Co., MI2A 1 MI LAview record
Mourey, John R.Reading, MI2M 5 MI Cav.Quincy, MIview record
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