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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Hargraves, G. W.New York18G 1 MI L. A.Traverse Cityview record
Harris, Milford B.18L 62 PAview record
Hayes, L. C.18E 8 MI Cav.view record
Heath, WillardCanada18NY BatteryTraverse Cityview record
Helm, JohnCanada18F 16 IL Inf.Burdickvilleview record
Henderson, HenryGermany18B 7 MI Inf.Grawnview record
Henderson, Richard H.Greensboro, Ind.18D 19 IN V. Inf.Traverse Cityview record
Herbert, W. H.Mass.18L 1 MI Eng.Old Missionview record
Herbert, W. H.Mass.18L 1 MI Eng.Traverse Cityview record
Herington, NathanalCanada18B 12 US Inf.Traverse Cityview record
Herron, HenryNew York18F 78 NYInlandview record
Hess, W. M.New York18E 6 OH Inf.Grawnview record
Hewitt, RobertEngland18B 193 NY Vol.Traverse Cityview record
Hill, O. L.Vt18E 113 ILOld Missionview record
Hill, Sheridan F.Minerva, NY18D 1 MI Inf.Traverse Cityview record
Hilliard, DavidCanada18H 1 MI Eng.Empireview record
Hilliker, JamesMich.18E 8 MI Cav.Traverse Cityview record
Hodge, E. B.New York18G 14 NY H. A.Traverse Cityview record
Hodge, E. B.18G 14 NYview record
Hodge, Erastus B.New York18G 14 NY H. A.Traverse Cityview record
Hodgeman, Sam'l H.N. H.18I 7 MI Inf.Traverse Cityview record
Hoffman, Henry C.Mich.18B 11 MI Cav.Traverse Cityview record
Hooker, Wm.Md.18G 3 MDTraverse Cityview record
Hopkins, A. F.Rhodiland18H 1 MI Art.Traverse Cityview record
Hopper, FrancisNew York18E 1 MI L. A.Acmeview record
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