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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Bissill, DavidNew York17C 8 MI Cav.146 Grand River Av., Detrview record
Bittner, CharlesPrussia17H 2 MI Cav.Uticaview record
Blackburn, John S.Cass Co., Ga17D Phelps MO Cav.Detroitview record
Blackwell, JohnIreland17E 24 MI Inf.Detroitview record
Blaine, A. W.Canada17C 92 NY Inf.view record
Blair, A. Z. (C.)17view record
Blakely, Lyman W.Huron, Mich.17G 24 MI Inf.396 Dubois St, Detroitview record
Blakely, Lyman J.Wayne Co.,Mich.17G 24 MI Inf.Detroitview record
Bless, NicholasGermany17K 2 NY Mtd Rifles30 Monroe Ave, Detroitview record
Blinebry, George H.New York17E 10 NY Cav.Detroitview record
Boardino, JohnMichigan17G 1 MI Cav.Detroitview record
Boardman, John H.Germany17G 132 NY Inf.Detroitview record
Boekheim, JohnWestphalia, Prussia17MO Cav.154 E High St, Detroitview record
Bolger, R. E.Ireland17H 24 MI Inf.102 Naturnal Ave., Detroiview record
Bond, Jos. L.Connecticut17A 7 CTDetroitview record
Bond, William G.Vernon, NY17H 83 IL Inf.Detroitview record
Bonham, HenryOhio17D 91 ILDetroitview record
Bookham, LineasBig Beaver17D 29 MIBig Beaverview record
Borchman, AlbertGermany17A 2 MI Inf.695 Fort St. W, Detroitview record
Borgman, M. V.Minster, Ohio17A MI Lancers Cav.23 Jefferson Ave, Detroitview record
Bortle, John H.New York17B 20 MI Inf.Birminghamview record
Bostwick, Julian1712 MI Inf.view record
Botsford, W. R.Canada17E 70 NY Vol.120/Cass, Detroitview record
Boutell, A. A.Avoca, NY17H 1 MI Cav.Detroitview record
Boutell, H. S.New York17B 4 MI Cav.Detroitview record
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