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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Laird, Geo. A.Oswego, NY15H 110 NYLudingtonview record
Lamb, John C.New York15E 6 MI H. A.Ludingtonview record
Landon, DavidMedina Co., Ohio15K 8 OHLudingtonview record
Law, Jas. G.England15K 19 MI Inf.Sherman Twp.view record
Lawyer, C. T.Grand Rapids, MI15H 21 MI Vol.Ludingtonview record
Lewis, Thom E.15B 5 IL Cav.view record
Linsley, H. D.Penna.15B 1 MI Inf.Ludingtonview record
Lockard, EdwardWilliams Co., OH15I 9 MI Cav.Ludingtonview record
Loomis, E. W.Oneida Co., NY15D 2 MI Cav.Ludingtonview record
Ludwig, JohnPenna.1511 MI Inf Reg BandLudingtonview record
Lyman, MarionMichigan15G 8 MI Inf.Ludingtonview record
Lymans, Marion W.Calhoun Co., MI15G 8 MI Inf.Ludingtonview record
Manning, HenryNew York15D 127 NY Vol.Ludingtonview record
Manning, Henry P.New York15D 127 NY Inf.Ludingtonview record
Marsh, John B.Penna.15E 3 MI Inf.Edenview record
Marvin, L. M.Michigan15F 13 Mi Inf.Ludingtonview record
McConneaughy, W. S.Ohio15I 188 OH Inf.Ludingtonview record
McConnell, A. P.McConnellvill, NY1522 MI Inf.Ludingtonview record
McKay, Wm. C.Otis, Mass.15F 27 MA Inf.Ludingtonview record
McQuade, JohnCanada15I 8 MI Cav.Ludingtonview record
Miller, AnselnPrussia15K 4 NY H. A.Ludingtonview record
Miller, AugustGermany15I 12 MI Inf.Ludingtonview record
Miller, Hartman (Ottman)15view record
Mills, Charles P.Maine15K 2 MI Cav.Ludingtonview record
Moore, M.15view record
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