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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Evans, ThomasCalhoun Co., MI14A 9 MI Inf.Benton Harborview record
Fales, Geo.Michigan14D 4 MI Inf.Benton Harborview record
Fales, Geo.Howell, MI14D 4 MI Inf.Benton Harborview record
Farnsworth, S.Sheffield, PA14B 15 PA Inf.Benton Harborview record
Farnum, C. H.St. Joseph, MI14B 12 MI Inf.Hagarview record
Ferrier, David M.14D 4 IN Cav.view record
Feruham, AugustGermany14C 4 MI Cav.Colomaview record
Fikes, JacobMontgomery, NY14I 19 Mi Inf.Benton Harborview record
Fikes, John H.Royalton, MI14I 19 MI Inf.Riversideview record
Fisher, A. J.Jenesee, NY14F 3 WI Cav.Benton Harborview record
Fisher, AmosNew York14C 9 MI Inf.Benton Harborview record
Flaig, MartinGermany14K 1 Mi Cav.Colomaview record
Flanagan, Wm. B.Ireland14G 24 Mi Inf.Benton Harborview record
Flint, Bej. F.State of Ohio14A 41 OH V.Inf.Benton Harborview record
Fonger, PeterCanada14K 1 MI Cav.Benton Harborview record
Fowler, John R.Ulster, NY14E 13 MI Inf.Benton Harborview record
Fox, Geo.England14C 24 MIBenton Harborview record
Fox, Wm. H.Green Twp., Ohio14B 12 MI Inf.Benton Harborview record
Freeman, M. W.Indiana14E 88 IN Inf.Benton Harborview record
Freestone, Wm.City of New York14G 37 IL Inf.Benton Harborview record
Gage, Hiram M.Bradford, PA14I 12 NY Cav.Hagarview record
Gale, HenryNew Hampshire14F 30 INBenton Harborview record
Garrett, George W.Wayne Co., NY14A 19 IL Inf.Watervlietview record
Gates, Cyrus W.Huron Co., Ohio1412 OH L. BatteryBenton Harborview record
Gates, John C.Derby, Connecticut14D West SSBenton Harborview record
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