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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Corey, Royil D.New York1 (B)F 14 NY ArtySoldiers Homeview record
Cotton, DavidOhio1 (B)H 3 OH Cav.Soldiers Homeview record
Couse, Edward G.New York1 (B)I 4 MI Inf.Soldiers Homeview record
Couse, Edward G.1 (B)G 27 MI Inf.view record
Cowdery, CharlesNew York1 (B)USS CongressSoldiers Homeview record
Cowdrey, CharlesNew York City1 (B)Soldiers Homeview record
Criger, Wm.New York1 (B)L 7 WI ArtySoldiers Homeview record
Crimmons, CorneliusMichigan1 (B)E 24 MI Inf.Soldiers Homeview record
Crosby, Geo. L.New York1 (B)C 11 MI Cav.Soldiers Homeview record
Crosby, OtheloDetroit, MI1 (B)B 102 US Col. TroopsSoldiers Homeview record
Crowell, HenryMichigan1 (B)H 2 MI Cav.Soldiers Homeview record
Crowl, Samuel H.Ohio1 (B)A 29 MI Inf.Soldiers Homeview record
Cruger, AdolphusPrussia1 (B)B 4 MI Cav.Soldiers Homeview record
Cubbins, WilliamIsle of Man1 (B)E 5 MI Inf.Soldiers Homeview record
Cudd, WashingtonNew York1 (B)AugustaSoldiers Homeview record
Cullen, PatrickIreland1 (B)B 17 VT InfSoldiers Homeview record
Cycloft, HenryNew Jersey1 (B)L 25 NJ Inf.Soldiers Homeview record
Dalton, AlfredNew York1 (B)I 111 NY Inf.Soldiers Homeview record
Dancer, SimonOhio1 (B)E 24 MI Inf.Soldiers Homeview record
Daniel, James P.Pennsylvania1 (B)G 34 OH Inf.Soldiers Homeview record
Daniels, FrancisEngland1 (B)H 71 MI Inf.Soldiers Homeview record
Danks, John S.Oswego Co, NY1 (B)K 1 OH L ASoldiers Homeview record
Daus, LouisCanada1 (B)C 3 OH Cav.Soldiers Homeview record
Davis, Andrew I.New York1 (B)I 1 MI E & MSoldiers Homeview record
Davis, Nelson G.New York1 (B)E 19 MI Inf.Soldiers Homeview record
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