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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Palmer, JosephWayne Co, NY75I 2 MI Cav.Grand Havenview record
Palmer, PhilanderErie Co., Pa.75D 13 MI Inf.Grand Havenview record
Pansler, Charles M.Schohari, NY75D 3 NY Cav.Grand Havenview record
Parker, Orlando J.Gen. Co., NY75A 147 NY Vols.Grand Havenview record
Plant, Henry75view record
Powers, Alfred75H 2 MI Cav.view record
Reinders, AlliHolland75I 23 MI Inf.Grand Havenview record
Rhues, V.Middelberg, Holland75D 160 NYGrand Havenview record
Rideout, S. S.Maine75C 15 MI Inf.Grand Havenview record
Rideout, Sylvester S.New Brunswick75C 15 ME Inf.Spring Lakeview record
Robinson, Ransom H.Cayuga Co., NY75G 21 MI Inf.Robinsonview record
Roseboom, HowardAlbany, NY75G 94 NY Inf.Grand Havenview record
Ryder, Wm. T.Stuben Co., NY75E 130 NY Inf.Johnsonville (Agnew)view record
Safford, B. D.Mich.75E 1 MI Inf.Grand Havenview record
Salter, Sam'l O.Springfield, W.75K 15 NY Eng.Grand Havenview record
Sankey, Wm. M.Mercer Co., Pa.75B 59 IL Inf.Oliveview record
Schmidt, Henry F. G.Germany75K 1 MI L. A.Grand Havenview record
Scott, AhiraNY75MontgomeryGrand Havenview record
Scott, MyronDresden, NY75H 33 NY Inf.Grand Havenview record
Smith, CalvinOswego, NY75A 4 WI Inf.Allendaleview record
Smith, Charles75C 89 OH Inf.view record
Smith, Samuel75C 128 OH Inf.view record
Sole, George C.NYCity75B 81 NY Inf.Grand Havenview record
Soule, Chas. E.Geauga Co., Ohio75G 10 MI Cav.Grand Havenview record
Stephenson, James A.England75D 2 MI Cav.Grand Havenview record
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