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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Pease, Geo. W.74D 87 OH Inf.view record
Pease, Geo. W.74197 OH V. I.view record
Peck, John H.Jefferson, NY74K 94 NY Inf.Waylandview record
Pickett, F. E.New York74D 122 NY Inf.Hopkinsview record
Potts, James M.Shelby Co., O.74H 1 IN H. A.Waylandview record
Powell, HenryMarion, Ill74B 10 OH Cav.Waylandview record
Powers, Albert W.Galesburg74G 1 NY Art.Waylandview record
Prindle, E. J.74view record
Prindle, HarveyClinton, NY74I 3 MI Cav.Waylandview record
Purdy, H. D.74view record
Rentz, JacobInd.74K 5 US L. A.Waylandview record
Richardson, John B.Lorain, Ohio74C 65 OH Inf.Hopkinsview record
Rogers, FrancisBranch. Mich.74A 3 MI Inf.Waylandview record
Rollins (Robbins), James H.Trumbull, O.74A 47 IN I.Waylandview record
Ross, PeterWayne, O.74I 17 MI Inf.Waylandview record
Russell, JonathanCayuga, NY74H 1 MI E&MWaylandview record
Sadler, John M.Cuyahoga, O.74H 6 MI Cav.Dorrview record
Sagar, AbramBeaver, O.74D 100 PA I.Waylandview record
Sager, AbeBeaver. Pa.74D 100 PAWaylandview record
Sampson, Edwin P.Jefferson Co., NY74K 15 MI Inf.Waylandview record
Sergeant, JeremiahLucas Co., O.74E 11 MI Inf.Waylandview record
Shay, D. L.74view record
Shipp, JacobPenna.74I 100 PA V. I.Molineview record
Sigler, Daniel J.Tompkins Co., NY74D 1 MI E&MWaylandview record
Simmons, Wm.74view record
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