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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Smith, Julias P.Platsburg, NY68G 2 Cav.Neweraview record
Spitzer, PeterMonroe Co., NY68H 6 MI C.Shelbyview record
Spizer, J. E.Ohio68H 6 MI C.Shelbyview record
Stark, J. E.Mich.68A 6 MI C.Shelbyview record
Stonehouse, StephenSt. Clair, Mich.68H 27 MI Inf.Neweraview record
Thurston, DanielMichigan68I Merrill HorseShelbyview record
Towns, A. H.Vermont68G 91 NYShelbyview record
Twining, ThomasPenn.68F 57 OH Vol.Shelbyview record
Valentine, J. S.Lima, Ohio68B 12 MI Inf.Shelbyview record
Van Wickle, W. B.NY68C 13 MI IHartview record
Vandenberg, R.Vermont68F 15 WI Inf.Shelbyview record
Vandenberg, WarrenVermont68H 25 MI Inf.Shelbyview record
Vanleer, John D.Penn.68A 100 IN Vol.Shelbyview record
Vaughn, D. O.Stockbridge, Mich.68A 1 MIShelbyview record
Wade, B. S.Ohio68F 13 Inf.Shelbyview record
Wade, Benjamin S.Ohio68H 13 MI Inf.Shelbyview record
Wasson, A.Ind.68K 84 INShelbyview record
Wasson, ArchibaldRichmond, Ind.68K 84 IN Inf.Shelbyview record
Waters, Theron D.Huron Co., Ohio68G 2 MI Cav.Shelbyview record
White, B. B.68F 31view record
White, M. C.Mich.68B 8 MI Cav.Shelbyview record
Wildey, L. D.Livingston, NY68C 18 MIShelbyview record
Willitts, IngrahamNY68B 22 NY C.Shelbyview record
Wilson (Gillson?), M.NY68F 145 PAShelbyview record
Withenburg, A. B.Ohio68D 177 OH I.Shelbyview record
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