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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Cunningham, MartinIreland67C 32 MA Inf.Bay Cityview record
Cunningham, OwenCanada67A 29 MI Inf.Bay Cityview record
Cunningham, OwenNY67A 29 Mi I.Bay Cityview record
Danforth, Jas.New York67H 14 NY Art.West Bay Cityview record
Davis, Jefferson67C 1 CAview record
Day, Jno. P.Mich.67L 8 MI Cav.Bay Cityview record
De Mark, JohnCanada67K 142 NY Inf.Bay Cityview record
Dees, A. W.673 MI Inf.view record
Dees, A. W.Canada673 MI ArtBay Cityview record
Deford, LewisCanada67H 1 MI Art.Essexvilleview record
Delosier, J. C.67view record
Delosier, Jas.67D 63 IL Inf.Bay Cityview record
Denis, FrankCenterville, NY67M 4 NY Art.Bay Cityview record
Deno, AntoinMe.67D 16 US IBay Cityview record
Diamond, JamesCanada67H 7 MI I.Bay Cityview record
Donahue (Donohough), Thomas671 MI Cav.view record
Donaldson, SamMich.67M 4 MI Cav.Bay Cityview record
Donaldson, Wm.New York67A 161 NY Inf.Essexvilleview record
Dorlan, A. W.67view record
Downer, Wm.Washington Co., NY67B 16 MI Inf.Bay Cityview record
Drake, Wm. F.Mich.67A 22 MI Inf.Bay Cityview record
Duchine, FrancisDetroit67A 14 MI Inf.Hamptonview record
Duchine, FrancisDetroit67A 14 MI Inf.Hamptonview record
Dunn, Geo.NY67C 29 MI I.Bay Cityview record
Duplanta, AlexNY67D 10 MI C.Bay Cityview record
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