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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Reeves, Jas. S.Warren,Trumbull Co.O6378 OH V. Inf.East Tawasview record
Richards, Robt63view record
Richards, Robt. A.England63C 192 NY Inf.Au Sableview record
Sinclair, Wm. A.England63B 61 NY Inf.Tawas Cityview record
Sinipoore, Wm. H.Oswego, NY63C 10 NY H. A.Au Sableview record
Smith, Lyman B.Amhesrt, Mass63C 1 MN RangersTawas Cityview record
Splan (Splau ?), Robert63C 19 US Inf.Tawas Cityview record
Sprague, Daniel63East Tawasview record
Stevens, George W.Canada63C 4 MN Inf.East Tawasview record
Stevens, W. C.63Ann Arborview record
Stickles, GilbertNY63I 9 NY H. A.Wilberview record
Tapp, James63B 11 PA Vols.view record
Urquhart, A. J.Canada63F 7 IL Cav.E. Tawasview record
Wade, ReubenMacomb Co.63K 11 MI Cav.Tawas Twp.view record
Wagner, WilliamCanada63A 8 WI Inf.view record
Wakerly, D.63view record
Walker, J. M.Penn.63A 61 PA V.Tawas Cityview record
Wells, Eliel P.Cattarauges, NY63M 4 MI Cav.East Tawasview record
Wilcox, Charles E.Oswego, NY63C 64 NY Inf.Tawas Cityview record
Williams, Spencer C.Catterauges, NY63I E&MTawas Cityview record
Wixon, CalvinSouthfield, Mich.63L 8 MI Cav.E. Tawasview record
Wood, Wm. A.Brighton, Mich.63H 22 MI Vol. Inf.Tawas Cityview record
Wood, Wm. F. (A. ?)Canada63B 23 MI Inf.view record
Wright, EphraimBurton, Ohio63C 23 MI Inf.Tawas Cityview record
Youngs, Wm.England63G 3 MI Inf.Tawas Cityview record
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