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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Hutchings, Wm.NY60H 10 NY Cav.Leslieview record
Isbell, Leonard M.Washtenaw Co., Mich.6027 MI Inf. SSLeslieview record
Isham, Geo. W.60view record
Johnson (Johnston), Wm.NY60K 8 MI Inf.Bunkerhillview record
Jones, Jas. W.Sandstone60F 6 MI H. A.Leslieview record
Jones, Seth H.NY60M 10 Mi Cav.Onondagaview record
Judson, Geo. W.Mich.60G 1 MI E&MVevayview record
Kimball, A. B.Canada60G 12 MI Inf.Leslieview record
King, C. C.Mich.60D 17 MI Inf.Leslieview record
Knapp, Irvin W.NY60F 24 MI Inf.Leslieview record
Knauf, JamesMich.60D 15 Mi Inf.Bunkerhillview record
Labertaux, HerbertCalhoun Co., Mich.60L Merrill HorseBunkerhillview record
Lawrence, Sam'lMich.60B 7 MI Inf.Leslieview record
Lawson, ThomasJacks, Mich.60C 3 MI Cav.Leslieview record
Laycock, O. B.Seneca, NY60G 12 MI I. Vol.Leslieview record
Leach, A. A.Michigan60C 9 MI Inf.Leslieview record
Lee, G. N.Rochester, NY60C 13 MILeslieview record
Lincoln, DanielNY60F 20 MI Inf.Leslieview record
Longyear, W. D.NY60C 8 MI Inf.Leslieview record
Luff, Wm. C.Ohio60C 24 OH V. I.Leslieview record
Lumbard, A. A.New York60B 7 MI Inf.Leslieview record
Lyman, E. G.Ohio60A 9 MI Inf.Rivesview record
Lyon, RobertMich.60G 13 MI Inf.Onondagaview record
McCumber, StephenStockbridge, Mich.60G 6 MI H. A.Bunkerhillview record
McDaniels, James60K 7 MI Inf.view record
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