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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
English, Martin J.6B 6 MI Cav.view record
Estes, E. C.6C 7 MI Inf.view record
Estes, E. C.Clark Co., OH6C 7 Mi Inf.Jeffersonview record
Everett, R. A.Auburn, NY65 MI Inf.Hillsdaleview record
Fairbanks, Chas. H.Hillsdale6B 4 MI Inf.Hillsdaleview record
Fast, JonathanWood Co., OH6G 21 OH Inf.Camdenview record
Fast, Jonathan6G 21 OH Inf.view record
Fellows, S. J.Monroe Co., NY6B 11 MI Inf.Hillsdaleview record
Ferry, A. E.Mass.6M 20 NY Cav.Hillsdaleview record
Fink, Jas. M.Holmes Co., OH6H 16 OH VIHillsdaleview record
Fisher, W. R.Indiana6C 72 IN Vols.Hillsdaleview record
Fisk, O. W.?, New York6G 2 MI Cav.P. Lake, INview record
Fitzgerald, C. F.B??, New York6Wadsworth Gds.Hillsdaleview record
Fitzgerald, C. F.66 H. Art.view record
Foote, Geo. W.Fitchville, OH6E 55 OH Inf.Hillsdaleview record
Forbes, Geo. W.Madison, NY6F 42 IL Inf.Hillsdaleview record
Ford, FrankBrockville, IN6D 2 MI Inf.Hillsdaleview record
Foreman, Alexander A.Scipio, MI6C 7 MI Inf.Bankers, MIview record
Forrester, LeeCornivale, C.W.6D 27 MI Inf.Hillsdaleview record
Fowler, C. B.Hillsdale6G 30 MI Inf.Osseoview record
Fowler, Chas. B.Fayette,MI6G 30 MI Inf.Hillsdaleview record
Fowler, J. W.Huron Co., OH6F 1 MI Inf.Hillsdaleview record
Fox, PhillipFrance6C 7 MI Inf.Allenview record
Freed, HenryStark Co., OH6D 2 MI Inf.Hillsdaleview record
French, James H.6H 1 NY L.A.view record
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