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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Patterson, Wm.Detroit, Mich.54B 16 MI SSColfaxview record
Powers, JohnIreland54I 76 PA IBloomfieldview record
Richardson, M. D.Ohio54K 48 IN IMissaukeview record
Rush, JohnPenn.54C 2 MI Cav.Mantonview record
Russell, MartinNY54B 60 NY V.Mantonview record
Russell, Martin54B 60 NY V.view record
Rust, Samuel W.54view record
Sadler, Asa W.Dover, O.54G 15 NY Cav.Greenwoodview record
Salley, ThomasChicago, Ill.54F 9 IN Inf.Libertyview record
Salmon, Geo.54view record
Schuster, Andrew J.Canada54B 25 US Inf.Gilbertview record
Seaton, Joseph5414 MI Inf.view record
Seely, J. V. K.New York54B 42 OH Inf.Caldwellview record
Sherborne, O. M.54I 3 MI Inf.view record
Shippy, Minot54view record
Silkworth, CyrusNew York54A 1 MI Eng.Mantonview record
Smith, ElijahNew York54K 26 NY V.Meauwatakaview record
Smith, JessieCanada54C 26 MI Inf.Mantonview record
Smith, Ward P.Michigan54I 13 MI Inf.Mantonview record
Spencer, M.Ohio54G 171 OH Nat. GuardMantonview record
Spidell, DanielIndiana54A 21 IN Inf.Mantonview record
Stace, PeterEngland54L 10 MI Cav.Mantonview record
Stuart, James54B 14 MI Inf.view record
Thomas, Henry H.54Libertyview record
Thorp, T. J.54view record
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