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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Bulson, E. A.Rochester, NY48I 20 INJacksonview record
Bunker, Chas. H.New York48F 6 MI Inf.Jacksonview record
Burch, Horrace48view record
Burdick, Warren or Nathan W.New York48D 86 NY Inf.Jacksonview record
Burkard (Burkhart, H. W.48view record
Burke, MichaelIreland48A 11 MI Cav.Jacksonview record
Burke, RobertFlorida48B 2 MO Cav.Jacksonview record
Burnett, A. G.Mich.48E 26 MI Inf.Jacksonview record
Bush, CharlesNY48D 3 NY Cav.Jacksonview record
Butcher, TheodoreNew York4812 NY Ind. Bat.Jacksonview record
Caldwell, E. L.Mich.48A 11 MI C.Jacksonview record
Calkins, John J.48C 1 MI L. A.Jacksonview record
Campbell, A. W.Mich.48A 10 MI Inf.Jacksonview record
Cantrell, Geo. H.New York48E 3 MI Cav.Jacksonview record
Card, Burton48view record
Carey, N. (Newton) J.Cambridge, O.48D 6 WIJacksonview record
Carley, Oren R.New York48B 9 MI Inf.Henriettaview record
Carlton, M. G.48view record
Carlton, M. E.Le Roy, NY48L 3 MI Cav.Grass Lakeview record
Carpenter, CharlesNew York48M 21 NY Inf.Jacksonview record
Carroll, Wm.48view record
Carter, Wm. E.48view record
Cass, Orro L.Mich.48G 1 MI SSJacksonview record
Castner, Geo. R.New York48H 12 MI Inf.Jacksonview record
Chamberlain, Lewis48view record
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