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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Miller, GeorgeNew York43C 6 MI Inf.Blissfieldview record
Miller, PeterGermany43D 72 OH V. I.Blissfieldview record
Miller, SylvesterAlabama, NY43G 18 MI Inf.Blissfieldview record
Momeny, PeterMich.43F 6 MI H. A.Blissfieldview record
Murphy, Nathan43Whitefordview record
Myers, DelevanOhio43B 25 OH V. I.Rigaview record
Ordiway, IsaacTenn.43A 17 MI V. I.Whitefordview record
Parker, DaytonDundee, Michigan43K 6 MI H. A.Blissfieldview record
Parker, Elihu43A 72 OH V. I.Blissfieldview record
Parker, H. M.State NY43A 11 IL Inf.Palmyraview record
Parker, H. A.NY43F 10 NY H. A.Englewood, Ills.view record
Partee, Enos M.Ohio43D 68 OH V. I.Rigaview record
Partee, Enos M.Ohio43B 68 OH V. I.Blissfieldview record
Pettee, NoahMichigan43E 64 OH V. I.Blissfieldview record
Pettit, Brinton J.Canada43A 12 OH V. C.Lambertsvilleview record
Petty, T. J.43view record
Philoe, E. S.Pennsylvania43K 128 OH V. I.Blissfieldview record
Pierce, John F.Dm. Canada43E 7 OH V. I.Raisinview record
Ray, HenryOhio43F 14 OH V. I.Rigaview record
Reighard, HughOhio43B 38 OH V. I.Blissfieldview record
Rentz, JohnOhio43B 4 MI V. I.Blissfieldview record
Rhodes, B. L.NY43K 19 MI V. I.Blissfieldview record
Roberts, EbenezerNY43K 3 OH V. C.Rigaview record
Robertson, J. M.Preston, Va.43D 2 MI Inf.Blissfieldview record
Rodgers, W. F.Hudson, NY4326 MI Inf.Blissfieldview record
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