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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Robinson, W. L.livingston, NY34H 30 MI Inf.Alanoview record
Roff, JamesNew York34Ind. BatteryOtsegoview record
Rohn, Clas.Germany34G 169 NY Inf.Otsegoview record
Rolf, Jas. A.New York3427 NY Ind. Bat.Otsegoview record
Rouse, SidneyBennington, Vt.34G 6 MI H. A.Otsegoview record
Shears, A. D.Ohio34K 177 OHOtsegoview record
Shedd, J. O.Mich.34D 11 NY Cav.Otsegoview record
Slocum, D. H.Ind.34E 48 IN Vol.Otsegoview record
Smith, JamesScotland34I 13 MI Vol.Otsegoview record
Sperry, SheldonOhio34A 24 MI Inf.Trowbridgeview record
Spry, Henry34view record
Staley, Wm. D.Buffalo, NY34I 1 ILOtsegoview record
Stark, HenryVermont34G 6 MI Inf.Otsegoview record
Stratton, CharlesOhio34G 1 MI E&MOtsegoview record
Stratton, John L.Richfield, Mich.34F 19 MI Inf.Otsegoview record
Stuart, A. B.New York34B US S. S.Otsegoview record
Symonds, AlbertusOhio34B 13 MI Inf.Otsegoview record
Taylor, George W.Oswego Co., NY34F 9 NY H. A.Otsegoview record
Taylor, Harvey V.Ashtabulah, O.34A 1 MI Cav.Otsegoview record
Teal, A. M.Canada34H 16 MI Inf.Otsegoview record
Tedoes, JohnCanada34G 110 NY Vol.Otsegoview record
Van Cassell, Daniel S.Germany34Otsegoview record
Wason, JamesMich.34F 8 MI Cav.Otsegoview record
Webster, Samuel ( Salmon) C.Winsor, Vt.34I 1 MI Eng.Otsegoview record
Whitney, E. E.Kent Co., Mich.34B 6 MI C.Otsegoview record
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