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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Cole, Don A.Wilson, NY32C 19 MI Inf.Battle Creekview record
Cole, Fred H.Leroy32H Merrill H.Battle Creekview record
Cole, I. B.NY32K 6 MI Inf.B. C.view record
Cole, J. D.32I 12 US Col. H. A.view record
Cole, J. D.New York32F 6 MI L. A.Battle Creekview record
Collier, E. H.3212 MI Inf.Battle Creekview record
Collins, Robert H.Michigan32C 24 MI Inf.Battle Creekview record
Colman, Almon M.Mass.32D 20 MI Inf.Battle Creekview record
Conder, Connlin D.NY32K 22 OH Inf.Battle Creekview record
Conklin, Eugene32Battle Creekview record
Conklin, Wm. H.New York32H Merrills HorseBattle Creekview record
Converse, SeldonNiagara Co., NY32A 28 MI Inf.Battle Creekview record
Cook, Alexander D.NY32A 102 US Col. Inf.Battle Creekview record
Cook, Thomas32F 111 NY Inf.Battle Creekview record
Coombs, ArtemasMaine32K 10 ME Inf.Assyriaview record
Coombs, ArtimusS Parsonfield, Maine32K 10 MEBattle Creekview record
Coon, J. V.32view record
Coons, Ambrose32view record
Cooper, Stephen L.Clyde, NY32K 2 NY Art.Battle Creekview record
Copper, J. R.32Battle Creekview record
Corlis, J. O.32H 30 MNBattle Creekview record
Cotton, JohnLeroy, Mich.32A 7 MI Cav.Battle Creekview record
Counterman, JohnNY32A 13 MI Inf.Battle Creekview record
Couright (Canright), L. J.NY32G 10 NY H. A.Battle Creekview record
Cowan, Oscar S.Mich.32M 11 MI Cav.Battle Creekview record
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