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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Ingraham, Alfred T.Southampton, Eng.31M 3 MI Cav.Paw Pawview record
Jackson, Geo.Rochester, NY31A 8 Regt.Paw Pawview record
Jacobs, Lucius C.Manchester, Ind.31K 34 IN Inf.Lawtonview record
Jennings, HenryMalodon, NY31G 1 MI E&MPaw Pawview record
Johnson, Gilbert D.Monroe Co., NY31H 12 MI Inf.Lawtonview record
Kelley, Wm. H.New York31K 3 MI Inf.Paw Pawview record
Killifer, Wm.31view record
Kinny, Warren G.Huron, Ohio31D 13 MI Inf.Paw Pawview record
Kirkwood, Wm. M.Cass Co., Mich.31A 19 MI Inf.Paw Pawview record
Knapp, AndrewVermont31E 11 MI Inf.Paw Pawview record
Landon, OrrinPalmyra, NY31C 1 NY Cav.Paw Pawview record
Landphear, O. P.Otsego, NY31H 13 NY H. A.Paw Pawview record
Laurence, Chas. H.Scotland31A 13 MI Inf.Paw Pawview record
Lawton, Geo. W.Rome, NY31C 4 MI Cav.Lawtonview record
Leech, James A.Auburn, Penn.31K 20 MI Inf.Paw Pawview record
LePert, P. V.Ohio31D 126 OH Inf.Paw Pawview record
LeSuer, Wm. H.Pennsylvania31G 25 MI Inf.Paw Pawview record
Lewis, RichardIreland31E 28 MI Inf.Almenaview record
Libbie, AlonzoAdrian, Mich.31G 1 MI E&MPaw Pawview record
Linderman, Geo. P.New York31C 105 IL Inf.Paw Pawview record
Litchard, Marcus J.Columbia, NY31E 16 NY H. A.Paw Pawview record
Longwell, James M.Bucyrus, O.31C 70 NY Inf.Paw Pawview record
Loveland, Henry J.Castile, NY31C 4 MI Cav.Paw Pawview record
Loveridge, JohnSeneca Co., NY31H 13 MI Inf.Antwerpview record
Lowe, Abram G.New York31K 2 WI Cav.Paw Pawview record
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