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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Peck, Willard S.30view record
Peck, Willard S (?)Knox, O.30K 33 OH Inf.Colomaview record
Pegg, H. R.Ohio30E 17 INColomaview record
Pemberton, W. S.30K 50 PA Inf.Watervlietview record
Pierce, Alvah L.Franklin, NY30E 28 MI Inf.Covertview record
Pitcher, Jerome A.Orleans Co., NY30E 1 MI Cav.Hagarview record
Pitcher, OscarNY30I 20 NY Vol. Cav.Colomaview record
Potter, B. F.NY30C 25 MI Inf.Colomaview record
Rakestraw, E. P.30I 12 MI Inf.Colomaview record
Randall, G. W.30B 194 NY Inf.Watervlietview record
Randall, Geo. W.Yates Co., NY30B 194 NY Inf.Watervlietview record
Randall, S. H.Macomb Co., Mich.30H 30 MI Inf.Watervlietview record
Ripley, CharlesMichigan30I 19 MI Inf.Watervlietview record
Rockwell, HoraceBuffalo, NY30K 10 WI Inf.Covertview record
Roome, Charles D.New York City30L 3 MI Cav.Hargaview record
Ross, H. C.NY30A 8 NY H. A.Colomaview record
Ross, Raphael30A 8 NY H. A.view record
Russell, Carlton L.New York30I 17 MI Inf.Colomaview record
Russell, Charles A.Portage, NY30I 14 MI Inf.Colomaview record
Safford, JediahVermont30D 14 MI Vol.Covertview record
Schriner, Jno. A.30view record
Seabury, Chas. G.30view record
Seabury, GilbertRome, New York30B 8 MI Cav.Colomaview record
Shimer, Isaac K.Madison Co., Ind.30L 8 IN Cav.Colomaview record
Shine, O. B.Ohio30D 25 OH V. I.Covertview record
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