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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Mills (Will?), EdwinCanada3 (B)A 53 IL Cav.Whitehallview record
Moog, Geo. I.Pittsburg, PA3 (B)F. 11 WI Inf.Whitehallview record
Morrison, Jas.Stuben Co., NY3 (B)H 1 MN Mounted Inf.Montagueview record
Morse, K. F.Wyoming, NY3 (B)E 8 MI Inf.Whitehallview record
Morton, AlexOlean, NY3 (B)C 154 NYWhitehallview record
Munson, JohnSweden3 (B)F 5 MI Cav.Whitehallview record
Norman, FredEngland3 (B)H 17 MI Inf.Whitehallview record
Ocobock, C. H.Medina, NY3 (B)A 3 NY Cav.Whitehallview record
Oriel, JohnEngland3 (B)F 5 MI Cav.Montagueview record
Oyler, Jacob S.Chambersburg, PA3 (B)I 135 OH Inf.Whitehallview record
Palmer, Chas. B.Onandago Co., NY3 (B)C 9 MI Inf.Whitehallview record
Partridge, AlfredSt. Charles, IL3 (B)D 28 MI Inf.Montagueview record
Phlett, Robt.Scotland3 (B)F 5 MI Cav.Montagueview record
Plunkett, Thos.Canada3 (B)F 5 MI Cav.Montagueview record
Polson, Reason N.Knox Co., Ohio3 (B)E 12 IN Inf.Fruitlandview record
Polson, Reason N.3 (B)G 129 IN Inf.view record
Reed, Edwin T.Ohio3 (B)I 14 OH Inf.Montagueview record
Renhard, B.Bucks, PA3 (B)E. 67 PA Inf.Montagueview record
Ripley, L. G.Barry, VT3 (B)B 10 VT Inf.Montagueview record
Ruggles, E. M.New York3 (B)C 89 NYWhitehallview record
Schmidt, Ernst G.Saxony3 (B)2 WI Bat LAMontagueview record
Shirra, FrankPrussia3 (B)H 6 IL LAMontagueview record
Slayton, A. W.Middlesex, NY3 (B)B 25 MI Inf.Whitehallview record
Slocum, CharlesBig Stream, NY3 (B)K 3 NY Inf.Whitehallview record
Smith, Chas. H.Seneca, MI3 (B)F 6 MI Inf.Whitehallview record
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