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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Lewis, Gerome C.Mich.27K 11 MI Inf.Hamiltonview record
Long, LewisOhio27L 2 OH C.Hamiltonview record
Luff, W. C.27L 5 MI Cav.view record
Lusk, A. J.27F 4 MI Cav.view record
Lusk, Geo. W.New York27L 5 MI I.Decaturview record
Manning, DanielIndiana27H 3 MI Cav.Paw Pawview record
Manuel, HenryTenn.27A 7 MI Cav.Hamiltonview record
Manuel, Wm.27H 1 MI Cav.Lawrenceview record
Marks, StacyN. York27B 68 IL Inf.Hamiltonview record
McGee, J. T.Indiana27F 135 IN Inf.Decaturview record
McIntyre, Newton27view record
McKune, W. W.Penna.27VictoryDecaturview record
Mead, GilbertMich.27D 66 IL S.S.Hamiltonview record
Moreland, JosephMichigan27M 1 MI C.Marcellusview record
Morlan, JosephMich.27M 1 MI Cav.Voliniaview record
Myers, AlfOhio27H 12 MI Inf.Decaturview record
Myers, Henry B.Ohio27C 70 NY I.Decaturview record
Nichols, JeosaphMich.27H 12 MI I.Decaturview record
Norwood, A.Ohio2710 KS Inf.Decaturview record
O' Rourke, AlexanderHerkimer Co., NY27I 24 MI V. I.Decaturview record
O' Rourke, Alexander27A 2 NY Cav.view record
O'Dell, B.27view record
Osgood, A. B.NY27F 18 WI Inf.Decaturview record
Otis, Geo.Indiana27E 1 IL Art.Decaturview record
Owen, Geo. W.NY27H 25 MI Inf.Decaturview record
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