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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Hodges, H. L.New York26H 1 NY Art.Elbridgeview record
Hoelacher, BarnardGermany26G 100 NY Inf.Hartview record
Holmes, H. J.Era Co., Pen.26G 10 WI V. I.Hartview record
Houk, Theodore G.Ohio263 MI Inf.Elbridgeview record
Howe, Jesse K.NY26A 3 NY C.Hartview record
Huftile, MartinPenna.26F 100 OH Vol. Inf.Hartview record
Hurley, John W.New York26K 3 NY Cav.Pentwaterview record
Hutchins, D. B.NY26D 111 NY Inf.Hartview record
Hutchins, J. K.NY26A 23 NY Inf.Hartview record
Johnson, Eli D.Ohio26F 3 MI Inf.Hartview record
Jones, T. T.Portage Co., Ohio26B 4 MI Inf.Crystal Valeyview record
Kelley, Danial P.Mich.26E 1 MO Eng.Hartview record
Kellogg, Newel J.Mich.26E 29 MI I.Hartview record
Kelsey, Lewis D.Lapeer Co., Mich.26B 10 MI V. I.Hartview record
Keyes, Lucius M.NY26E 4 MI C.Colfaxview record
Knickerbocker, JohnNY26D 9 MI I.Hartview record
Kollar, JamesOhio26E 48 IN Vol. Inf.Hartview record
Kugel, AlbertOhio26C 25 MIElbridgeview record
Lacey, George L.Dryden, NY26F 76 NY I.Hartview record
Landen, Thomas M.Ohio26Hartview record
Landon, DanielPa.26G 110 OH Inf.Hartview record
Landon, Theodore P.Croford Co., Pa.26I 2 PA Cav.Feryview record
Larnard, A. H.Vermont26H 22 OH Inf.Hartview record
Larnard, Allen H.26A 5 OH I.view record
Larnard, Allen H.Vt.26H 23 OH I.Hartview record
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